We talk about the history behind the popular photography location and ask the public how they feel about the ‘rainbow’ village.
Cadets of a feather: YP cadets Pallas Yiu (left) and Dennis Lui play a game of Mom's Weapon as Brandon and Helen cheer them on.
1949 was an important year. It marked the establishment of something grand, something red: the Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park. Our YP cadets tell us about the day they spent at the park.
Students who got their results apply to the Central Admission Scheme.
YP cadets Henry Lui, Joshua Lee and Julia Cheung were tasked with covering the DSE results, the most important day for local secondary school students and for Young Post. This is what they thought ...
Young Post junior reporters at the Yoga Bam Bam studio in Sheung Wan
If you like yoga and art, then you'll love Yogart - a new type of exercise that lets you do acroyoga surrounded by artworks.
YP cadet Leona Chen learned that readers come first.
Taking part in Young Post's two-week cadet programme is the closest thing to being a reporter while still in secondary school.
Young Post junior reporters (from left) Lola Wong, Cammy Lam, Ruby Chung and Dhruv Singh at Summer Fever, the highlight of Ocean Park's Summer Splash.
If you like water rides and those cute characters from the Line app, then you'll love this year's Summer Splash at Ocean Park.
The students had fun "working" at Young Post.
Young Post runs a cadet programme over the summer for secondary school students interested in journalism. It's a two-week stint at Being a cadet for the best English-language newspaper for teens is not only great work experience, it's a lot of fun, too. Find out just what they get up to while...
Rock on! The audience at Lion Rock Festival 2015
This year's Lion Rock Festival offered up some serious talent to the gods of rock. Here are some of HK's most impressive new acts.
Junior reporters Christy Cheung (left) and Lala Chan try their hand at origami.
The trendy strip's latest collaboration brings the traditional art of origami into the 21st century
Be Our Guest to this tale as old as time!
Disney's Beauty and the Beast is on its 20th anniversary international tour. Young Post junior reporters spoke to the cast and crew of the show, and this is what they learned …
Veteran Young Post writer John Millen has taken Junior Reporter Training Course participants on a trip around Hong Kong.
SHKP Reading Club's "A Letter to My Family" book review competition winners went on a tour of attractions in Hong Kong and wrote about St James' Settlement's Hong Kong House of Stories and Hong Kong Jockey Club's Racing Museum using what they've learned.