We talk about the history behind the popular photography location and ask the public how they feel about the ‘rainbow’ village.
Beginning in early January each year, Mardi Gras is a time for food and carnivals. Probably the most delicious tradition associated with the Christian festival is the King Cake, invented 300 years ago in France.
Looking back to the Umbrella Movement of 2014, Fanny Law is not sure if most of the young participants fully understood the issues.
After taking a ride on the famous cable car, junior reporters took a closer look at the sights and sounds of Ngong Ping, which offers visitors some new and interesting experiences.
Would you feel faint if you need to walk or even run on a fenceless track 238 metres high, especially on a windy day? Young Post JRs Anushka Purohit and Nicholas Ng gave it a a try on the Macao Tower.
Junior reporter Leanne Lam had a private lesson at the MAC store at Elements mall to learn how to make her eyes brighter than New Year's Eve fireworks. Here is what she learned from the pros.
On November 21, Oxfam Hong Kong held a climate change workshop called “A Cloud on the Horizon”. Participants were asked to act as representatives from different countries who took part in COP21.
Who doesn't love ice cream? The cool, creamy treat has been a firm favourite for years. But some places are making it even cooler, and it's all thanks to liquid nitrogen.
Faust International Youth Theatre is bringing the story of Treasure Island to Hong Kong with a theatrical performance, and YP junior reporters Christy Cheung and Cynthia Chiu talked to the cast.
Hong Kong has all kinds of handicraft studios where you can try your hand at some creative pursuits, but as YP junior reporters discovered, making a beautiful finished product is not always as easy as it looks.
For its 10th anniversary, Disneyland Hong Kong chose to go with the theme, "Happily Ever After."