Junior reporters

Wet markets and classic crown red taxis are a symbol of life in the 852, but are sadly being replaced by modern alternatives.
A 15-year-old Nigerian teen talks about the racism she's face in the city.
Sightfeeling, an organisation that works with the visually impaired to teach them to take photos, shows others the hurdles that people face.
Playing in Hong Kong for the first time, this musical combines cultural elements from around the world with a well-known, heartwarming story.
The park, located inside K11 Musea in Tsim Sha Tsui, aims to help people 'reconnect with what matters' without leaving the city.
KGV student Faustina Yick shares her experiences in the East Asian country and what she learned about kindness and hospitality.
One of their initiatives is The Odyssey, a research boat that is on a five-year expedition around the world to collect data about pollution in our seas.
Delegates from Victoria Shanghai Academy levelled up their research and public speaking skills during the 4-day event at the US Ivy League school.
Our junior reporter spoke to drama students about why they love the craft, and why attitudes towards it need to change.
Differently-abled young poets showcase their work at International Literary Festival event, and raise awareness about the challenges they face.