Don't leave the South American country without trying a steak at a churrascaria or traditional dishes like rice and beans.
On a baking hot day in Chai Wan, I learned what it's like to make your own breakfast and snacks from Dr Simon Wong, the founder and principal of the training centre, who's been studying the craft for more than 30 years.

Kitchen Ninja: Preparing herbs

Fresh herbs pull a recipe together better than dried ones, by infusing DISHES with lovely aromas and flavours. With the help of Towngas Cooking Centre's Kaley Leung, our cadet Winnie shows you how to prepare and use four of the most popular herbs.
Yummy treats at The Alchemist Cafe Bistro!
It's summer time, and you don't want to be stuck at home. It would be far more fun to meet your friends at a cool cafe, where you can chill out. But where to go if you don't want to hit the usual chains?

Kitchen Ninja: Decorating a cupcake

Welcome to our new video series on learning several basic kitchen skills! Getting a perfect swirl on your cupcake is vital so with the help of Towngas COOKING SCHOOL teacher Jodie Au, our cadet Sharon shows you how to create the much-beloved rose effect.

Peninsula x SCMP Dim Sum Talent Chef Competition 2013 - Workshop

Since we're now accepting entries for this year's Dim Sum Young Talent Competition, we thought you might like to see what the CONTESTANTS went through last year.
You can learn to make shrimp dumplings
Young Post cares about what you eat, so we rounded up the city's best cooking classes for under HK$350
Lunar New Year is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time of the year for family reunions, relaxation, and spreading the joy of the festive season with loved ones. It's also the perfect atmosphere for poon choi, a one-pot dish prepared and served on special occasions.
(from left, back row) John Kang, Chris Lau, Mabel Sieh, Joyee Chan with junior reporters (front row) Wayne Yuen, Kent De Jesus, Leona Chen and Charlotte Chan
Young Post and some lucky readers tried out a range of Easter eggs to help you decide what to munch on. The readers also designed and tested customised ...