One of the most celebrated chefs in Asia gives advice on how to find the job you love and the learning process that comes with it.
This pad thai comes with chopped roasted peanuts, sugar and lime wedges
This is a relaxed place to eat, with a home-style décor and mismatched tables and chairs, including some sofas and soft seats, but with a modern, stylish edge to everything.
At first glance, the menu appears to be that of a regular fast food joint: burgers, chicken nuggets, pizza. But on closer inspection, you realise a lot of dishes will never be offered at Maccas.
Burger with a generous heap of fries
Burger joints are popping up left right and centre just now in Hong Kong, but there's something special about this place.
A banana is a healthy snack, but it can be hard to finish a bunch before they go soft and squishy - unless you know the secret to keeping them in tip-top shape.
Come back to my starship for some tea.
Authors need to boldly go where no foodie has gone before to impress their readers
Soulless canteen, with overly bright lights, closely packed tables, brusque (but efficient) servers, and Spartan table settings. Luckily, what it lacks in atmosphere, it more than makes up for in flavour.
With Easter just round the corner, Young Post's junior reporters reviewed some of the Easter chocolates (and jellies) out there to help you choose your holiday treats
Christmas and New Year's have finished, but with Lunar New Year coming up on February 19, the holiday season isn't over yet. That means holiday eating is still in full swing, when we tend to let go of healthy habits and get stuck in a bad cycle of overeating junk food.
Here's a quick look of 2014 picks of the best places to eat out!
Rachel Khoo is not afraid to combine different flavours in new ways.
In a quaint little kitchen, Rachel Khoo is giving a tutorial on how to make a quiche lorraine, a French pastry containing eggs and bacon.