Don't leave the South American country without trying a steak at a churrascaria or traditional dishes like rice and beans.
Peanut butter waffle: sweet, savoury, and oh so good.
Hong Kong's street food is one of its most distinct qualities, but it's not all just fishballs and sui mai.
This place can only be described as prison-chic. Exposed brick walls and metal chairs set the scene, and the food is even served on prison-like trays.
The famous Kau Kee restaurant in Kau Kee is always cramped and crowded.
Kau Kee is a small, cramped shop that is very much like any other traditional Hong Kong business - ceiling fans, bright white lights, tiled walls, and lots of loud yelling between the customers and the only waitress in the busy shop.
If you're looking for a unique but affordable dining experience, here are seven of the coolest places in Hong Kong you should try.
The Diner serves up the best burgers in town.
Stepping into The Diner feels like stepping into a classic '50s era restaurant - or more like a movie set of a classic '50s era restaurant. Everything is shiny and chrome, with red vinyl seating and a black and white checkered tile floor.
Have you ever watched a film where the food looks so good it makes your mouth water? We explored some of the delicious international foods from popular movies and found the best places to eat them in Hong Kong.
Mouthwatering creations that are Instagram-worthy.
Located in the heart of the famous Kowloon Tong mall, this shabby-chic restaurant is the definition of busy. People zip in and out of the place like businessmen in Central, inhaling mouthfuls of spaghetti and waffles.
"Gloriously messy" burgers that set your inner caveman free
We find Hong Kong's hottest eats 'n' treats. This week, Lucy Christie visits Double D's a new burger joint in Central...
Fried rice with basil
Thai Nong KhaiShop 14, G/F, Ko Shing Building9 King Man StreetSai KungTel: 3488 7873Grub: Thai food 
An afternoon tea filled with mouth-watering treats
Plaza Cafe Shop S201, 2/F, Zone A, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, 33 Shing Fung Road, Kowloon Bay Tel: 2700 6632 Grub: Coffee shop