As Gen Z competes for jobs with advanced machines, communication abilities like listening and relationship building will help them get ahead.
Those with a curious mind_L
Business conference producers must become experts on industries within weeks, identify major themes and attract key speakers. Young Post meets Rosalind Wade from Beacon Events...
Alice Tsang, paper conservator at the government's Central Conservation Section, finds it exciting to 'treat' a newly arrived book and to uncover the mysteries hidden between the pages.
Paper conservators are "doctors" for historical items such as books, manuscripts and prints. They try their utmost to restore each "patient" to its original glory...
In the 70s, the modern quartz clocks revolutionised the watchmaking industry. People predicted the death of mechanical watches...
Immigration officer Law Chun-nam says people skills are vital for the job, because you meet hundreds of visitors and residents every day.
An immigration officer does not only check passports. They also issue visas and marriage certificates, raid construction sites to crack down on illegal workers, and deal with refugees...
Jonathan Li, senior consultant of sales and marketing at the headhunting firm Ambition, is a successful professional in the business.
The job of finding employees for companies requires a certain set of skills. It can be stressful at times but also highly rewarding
the joy of working with the little ones_L
Playgroup teachers play a crucial role in toddlers' development. With music and games, they help maximise toddlers' learning capability and introduce them to new experiences...
Pierre Pommarede, account executive with Summergate, says your salary can increase rapidly if you work hard from the beginning.
In February 2007, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah lifted all duty on wine. It paved the way for Hong Kong to become a major wine hub in Asia...
bar bender_L
Bending metal bars in an exposed construction site might be a tough, sweaty job, but how about helping to build some of Hong Kong's most iconic structures and getting very well-paid in the process?
Alyson Hau gets down to work at RTHK's studios. The versatile presenter started her career after winning a contest and has been on radio for 11 years.
A life on the air... &nbsp
Branding designer Michael Miller Yu says employers pay a lot of attention to job candidates' portfolios.
If a company wants to stand out from the crowd, they call someone like Michael Miller Yu Fong-jo...