As Gen Z competes for jobs with advanced machines, communication abilities like listening and relationship building will help them get ahead.
James Wong says matching food and wine is one of the main responsibilities of a sommelier.
Sommeliers need a good memory, a keen sense of taste, and a passion for wines
Ivan Chan, of Hongkong International Terminals
Negotiating skills, keeping your cool, and being able to handle money are important for working in procurement
Jay Leung on duty at the InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong.
Technicians working in the hotel industry need to have a range of skills to deal with plumbing, air-conditioning, electrical wiring and lighting.
Aircraft engineer Alex Ang inside a hangar at Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.
Helping to maintain aircraft so they are in perfect working order is challenging but rewarding
There are no specific academic qualifications to become an image consultant. But what you do need is a good taste in fashion and some knowledge about ...
Ranson Lau, from Beauty Tech
Wong Yat-hei finds out what skills and qualifications are needed for those who focus on transforming people's looks - from weddings to Halloween.
C. K. Wan Sze-ki (left), a tutor at Beauty Tech, gives tips to student Jasmine Ye.
In our new series of articles highlighting different jobs, Wong Yat-hei looks at what beauty therapy has to offer you.
Marvin Poon Kwan-yin began his career as a wedding planner by playing music.
Are you organised? Can you make connections? If so, writes YP cadet Emily Ting, you could be a wedding planner.
Flute maker Kuniaki Nomata with one of his instruments.
Often left in the shadows, instrument makers are nonetheless essential to the production of beautiful music pieces...
Zhang Lei is game art manager at Yingpei Games.
The artistry behind high-quality computer games is an acquired craft