As Gen Z competes for jobs with advanced machines, communication abilities like listening and relationship building will help them get ahead.

Don't quit your day job: Waiter

A summer job is often the first real job for teens. This got us thinking at Young Post. What would we do if we weren't journalists? So each week this summer, members of the team will be trying a NEW JOB. First up, web editor Leon discovers just how much work goes into being a waiter.
Getting a job as early as possible to help support the family was important a generation ago. These days, not so much.
YP cadet Erica Kwan learned the ropes from Carter Lam
Carter Lam Wing-fung works at The Langham, a five-star hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. As he likes to keep things clean, a career in housekeeping seemed perfect ...
Tony Leung, or Wing Wing, has been a clown for 15 years.
Tony Leung Kin-win's job is to make people laugh. For 15 years, he's been known around Hong Kong as Wing Wing the clown. It's more challenging than you might ...
Lee Ka-chun is taking a metal works course offered by the CIC.
As less wood is used in buildings, metal working is on the rise
Cheung Kit-lung is taking all the right steps towards a smooth career.
Marble laying requires teamwork, strength, and some design instinct,
Cog and wheel master_L
Someone has to make sure all the machines on a building site work as they're supposed to ...
Electrical installation student, Yiu Chi-ki, at the Construction Industry Council's training centre in Sheung Shui.
Starting out as an electrical apprentice is a good way to keep upgrading your skills
Lo Chun-ho practises tying the nylon strips that hold the bamboo sticks in place as part of his training, which will eventually make him a craftsman.
Problem-solving skills and creativity, as well as advanced technical skills, are important for bamboo scaffolding craftsmen
Ou Shaoliang is a plumbing trainee with the Construction Industry Council.
Being a plumber requires team work, dedication and keeping up with new ideas.