For the next instalment of our ‘On The Job’ series, we find out what it takes to become a professional dancer.
Cheung Kit-lung is taking all the right steps towards a smooth career.
Marble laying requires teamwork, strength, and some design instinct,
Cog and wheel master_L
Someone has to make sure all the machines on a building site work as they're supposed to ...
Electrical installation student, Yiu Chi-ki, at the Construction Industry Council's training centre in Sheung Shui.
Starting out as an electrical apprentice is a good way to keep upgrading your skills
Lo Chun-ho practises tying the nylon strips that hold the bamboo sticks in place as part of his training, which will eventually make him a craftsman.
Problem-solving skills and creativity, as well as advanced technical skills, are important for bamboo scaffolding craftsmen
Ou Shaoliang is a plumbing trainee with the Construction Industry Council.
Being a plumber requires team work, dedication and keeping up with new ideas.
Ng Hiu-wah, a trainee of the Construction Industry Council Training Academy, shows his decorating skills.
Adding those colourful last touches to buildings inside and out requires both know-how and hard work.
Construction trainee Lee Yiu-lun doesn't mind getting his hands dirty on the road to his dream.
Crafting your future in construction may take many stages and some physically demanding labour
Chiu Kam-kuen is a student at the Construction Industry Council Training Academy (Kowloon Bay Training Centre).
Civil engineering is a rewarding but challenging job with lots of pressure. If you have a taste for the outdoors, it is a definite plus in this profession.
Apprentice foreman Chan Kai-chi puts the finishing touches to a wall in Sheung Shui.
The path to becoming a construction foreman and, finally, a site agent takes at least 10 years
Ecotour guide Wong Hing-yuk in the wetlands of Nam Sang Wai, Yuen Long.
If you love plants and animals - and riding a bike - then being an ecotour guide for tourists in the western New Territories is just right.