As Gen Z competes for jobs with advanced machines, communication abilities like listening and relationship building will help them get ahead.
(From left) Chris Fung, Paul Lee and Casey Chan all want to pursue a career in the arts.
Three students have already enrolled in the first-ever International Baccalaureate Career-related Certificate (IBCC) programme in Hong Kong.

Don't quit your day job: Housekeeper

Changing a bed can't be that difficult, can it? Our reporter Hei finds out that hotels have higher standards than your mum when it comes to keeping a bedroom clean and tidy.
Aaron Saunders, chief executive of Clearly Innovative, took a traditional route to a tech career: He earned a computer science degree at Ohio Wesleyan, studied marketing and information technology en route to an MBA from NYU...

Don't quit your day job: Carpenter

Who says carpentry is a man's game? Overcoming a fear of power tools, our reporter Joyee put her skills to the test.

Don't quit your day job: Barista

The perfect cup of coffee doesn't come easily. YP reporter and would-be barista Ariel learns how to stir up something amazing with Dixon Ip. Read about her experience:

Don't quit your day job: Groom

With NO INTEREST in animals, deputy editor Karly is the perfect team YP member to try her hand at grooming horses in the summer heat.

Don't quit your day job: Chef

What happens when someone who can count the number of times they've ever cooked is unleashed in a professional kitchen? Web reporter Young gets thrown into the fire at the French WINDOW in IFC as she tries to make Chef Matthieu Bonnier's mother's recipe for steamed mussels.
Working holidays have become the latest trend. But what motivates people to pick up their backpacks and decide to spend their summers taking part in a working holiday?

Don't quit your day job: Baker

What would our reporters do if they weren't journalists? Each week this summer, members of the team will be trying a NEW JOB. This week, Junior Reporters Manager John gets himself into a sticky situation being a baker.
On a baking hot day in Chai Wan, I learned what it's like to make your own breakfast and snacks from Dr Simon Wong, the founder and principal of the training centre, who's been studying the craft for more than 30 years.