As Gen Z competes for jobs with advanced machines, communication abilities like listening and relationship building will help them get ahead.
JiuJik Job Fair at Olympian City.
Now that DSEs are done, it's job hunting season. Which is good, because there are some skills you must learn on the job that will come in handy when you start your career.
After you've applied for a job, the interview is the chance to impress. Be remembered for the right reasons with these tips.
Becoming a vet is something lots of people dream of, but exotic animal specialist Dr James Blanshard talks about the realities of life in his chosen career … No one likes to think about the downside, but you need to consider it if you are serious about working with animals
Hong Kong's finance industry is never short of talent. A huge number of graduates each year try to land jobs in banks, financial institutions and accounting firms. But they seem unaware of meaningful opportunities in non-profit groups, such as NGOs and charities.
Warren Lee presents music career options, including teaching. Here he is (third from left) with some of his students: (standing, left to right) Jonathan Ma, Lauren Yuen,  Dominic Law; (seated) Alison Kwok, Claudia Ng, Helen Yu
It can be fun to take those career path tests, to see what professions you are most suited to, at least according to some computer algorithms. But for some professions, like being a musician, those tests are quite unnecessary.
Cherry in London
I am a final-year student at City University majoring in global business systems management. I would say I am extremely lucky to be admitted to this programme because of the opportunities available. I have had the best two years in my life.
Growing number of users making career of photo-sharing hobby as brands see app as gateway to younger audience
(From left) Student Raphaella So Wai-lam, Professor Robert Ko, and student Iris Leung Sze-ching take a closer look at their results.
Professor Robert Ko of HKUST believes that the city's passionate young scientists deserve as much of a chance to pursue their dreams as its business students.
Hands-on experience is the best way to learn about environmental issues.
The Junior Green Engineer Programme is run by CLP Power Hong Kong. It educates students about the importance of saving energy, and also arouses interest in engineering.
Probation inspector Carmen Leung (left) and budding policeman Li Chun-kit.
It might not be as glamorous as the police dramas on TV, but joining the force is an appealing career choice for many young graduates. As with any government job, you are guaranteed a steady income and good benefits...