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Each week, we’ll take a fashion trend inspired by a Pixar movie and show you how to achieve it at home. This week’s look is inspired by Ratatouille.
Miss J became famous on America's Next Top Model.
If anyone knows how to make an entrance, it's runway coach J. Alexander: "Fabulous, great, wonderful. Do I look fat on camera? No? Great."
MAC senior artist Ryuko Lau is responsible for leading 26 make-up artist in creating four different looks for 64 models.
Whenever you see a model hit the runway she looks absolutely perfect. What you do not see is the many hours and hard work that went into that perfect moment.
Ryuko Lau (right) checks make-up.
I expected that being backstage would be very hectic. But as I walked through the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to the hair and make-up rooms, everything was very calm.
In the drier winter months, you need a richer moisturiser than you would in summer. If you use a gel moisturiser during the hotter months, switch to its cream version now. Look for keywords like "hydrating" and "nourishing", and ingredients such as grapeseed, coconut, olive or avocado oil.
Runway models make it work as they strut their stuff on the catwalk.
The Savanna College of Art and Design (Scad) Hong Kong hosted its first-ever fashion show at its campus last week, featuring 30 original designs from the Scad's fashion students.
One of your most noticeable facial features is your lips, and a lovely lip colour can give you that extraoomph! But choosing the right colour can be tricky, so here are a few pointers from MAC Hong Kong senior artist Ryuko Lau.
It's no secret among the YP team that Heidi Yeung is a make-up addict. So what does a beauty fiend, who needs a dressing table, an entire drawer of her wardrobe, and a shelf for all of her cosmetic goodies, bring with her when she's out and about?
New year, new looks. There are always new products on the market, so to save you some time, here's what the YP team thought of some of the latest skincare and make-up goodies out there.
Film make-up artists don't justsit in a trailer; they're as involved as any cast or crew member in a movie. Make-up artist Lois Burwell talks about new products, technology, and spending hours in a muddy trench.
With Christmas, New Year and then Chinese New Year on their way, many of us may have plans to travel. Well, you can't exactly take your whole vanity and cabinet with you, so here is a list of travel essentials that will last you through any trip - from the beach to the ski slopes!