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When it comes to healthy lifestyle, which is more important: eating a balanced diet, or staying active?
If there’s one illness that never seems to go away, it’s the dreaded flu – which can range from being unpleasant to deadly.
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We’ve all seen these creatures in our video games, and some of the bigger ones have become popular pets. So here are some things to consider if you want a prickly ball of cuteness as your very own.
Long-living tortoises are slow, but surprisingly active animals. They need plenty of exercise and a safe place - preferably outdoors - where they can enjoy lots of sunshine and water if they are to reach old age.
With fun outdoor pastimes and fascinating cultural activities, Rovaniemi offers a relaxing place to get away from the constant chatter of a big city.
Guinea pigs are, I think, one of the best possible pets. They are small, sociable, chatty and usually very friendly. 
Owning rabbits can be surprisingly rewarding and great fun, but it's a big responsibility and a long-term commitment.
So you want a pet. Are you really prepared? Or is it just something you like the idea of?