While it's natural for students to feel nervous about tests, we've got some expert advice on dealing with anxiety
Accepted into university? Excited to be on your own? But what are you missing before the big move?
My results at school are worrying. I get very good grades in most subjects except for biology.
Help! When I think of my older sister, I feel inferior, especially since my mother talks about her all the time and compares me to her.
My friend has been having a hard time lately with her family.
In November last year, I made a website for one of my friends, who promised to pay me cash for it.
I am 15 years old but have already watched adult movies. I don't think that these types of films are suitable for me to watch at this age.
I am upset to see my little brother, who's in Form Two, rebelling against my parents. Before, he was very obedient.
Argh! Help! My mum caught me lying. I don't want to go into detail, because then everyone will know who I am, but the fact is that I was not lying to her - I was lying to a friend's parents.
Exams are coming and everyone is nervous. I think I'm prepared, but some nights I have terrible dreams about staring at the exam paper and not knowing anything.
There's a kid in my class who has really bad breath. Everyone laughs at her behind her back and nobody wants to work in a group with her.