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The Plague Lord of Flame is powerful indeed, but you and the League of Explorers can stop him with a few simple strategies.
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There was no greater rivalry in the mid-90s than that between a speedy blue hedgehog and an Italian plumber with a talent for saving princesses.
The social media platform also said they will focus on providing more resources to people posting and searching for self-harm images.
More than 50 new emojis will become standard in 2019.
Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are back in RE 2: Remake and they have to cope with more than just zombies.
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Local company Cyber Games Arena unveils 25,000 sq ft venue that is expected to host more than 100 local and overseas competitions each year.
Ever wanted to live like a famous YouTuber? Make millions just for sharing your random, uninformed opinions? Say totally unforgivable things and be totally forgiven afterwards?
The HD remaster of the 2001 PlayStation 2 classic is a satisfying action adventure with scary survival horror elements.