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Write a game review of 300-450 words and you could have your work published on 'Young Post' and win the new portable gaming system.
A smartphone claims to have 16GB of storage, but the user interface can occupy more than half of that memory. There are more than enough free apps on the market, but we don't have unlimited storage. If you can't give up your games and entertainment apps, you need to be picky when choosing apps...
True Light students taking carbon dioxide readings
If you think the iPad is used only to play games and surf the internet, think again. It is actually an efficient and useful tool for both teachers and students.
Multiplayer games need to offer more than just stunning graphics and fast-paced shoot-ups.
Call of Duty: Ghosts (CoD) and Battlefield 4, the much-awaited multiplayer games focusing on war and first-person shooting, were released late last year and have fired up gamers' passions.

YP takes a first look at Xbox One

The newest game console from Microsoft is slated to hit local stores sometime in 2014 but Young Post got a sneak peak of the latest features last week.
Every time a new Grand Theft Auto is released, it usually gets equal amounts of praise and criticism. The action-adventure game's state-of-the-art graphics ...
Unless you’re THAT perfect child, you’ve probably been on the end of a deserved rant about your lack of general knowledge...
When it comes down to music, nobody likes to be labeled as the follower. In fact, most people want to be seen as the trailblazer...