In the first column of our new YP Nails It series, our reporter Kelly Ho attempts to emulate a page of Eiichiro Oda’s popular pirate manga.
Mazinkaiser SKL (anime) _L
Super robot chaos blasts onto flat screens with the return of Go Nagai's Mazinkaiser in the new original video animation Mazinkaiser SKL...
an evening with danny choo_L
While local otaku enjoyed the numerous events and stalls of the C3 Expo, Otaku Zone was able to spend an evening with otaku royalty Danny Choo, who was in town for the weekend.
A Japanese name won't save American ghosts, ghouls, monsters and demons from being hunted down by the Winchester brothers in the anime Supernatural...
c3 expo_L
Get your cos-play outfits out of the closet and suit up for this month's C3 Expo where the love of Japanese anime and manga is celebrated.
all star superman_L
Flying onto shelves isn't a bird or plane but the latest All Star Superman animated movie from DC Universe.
young justice_L
The adolescent heroes of animated show Young Justice metes out out impartial justice with super powers...
Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (game) _L
Get ready to fight! Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is just days away from landing a punch on your console...
Hey, Otaku Zone readers! Your favourite neighbourhood Otaku will be speaking on a panel at Hong Kong Social Media Week...
It's time for some slicing and dicing sushi-style as Marvel Comics' most popular cigar-smoking hero, Wolverine, gets an anime makeover...
Otaku Zone's favourite high school dramedy Kimi ni Todoke makes a long-awaited return after a year-long hiatus...