Thanks to new technology like 3D design, the ancient skill has found new admirers among the city's gamers, cosplayers and fantasy fans.
Muv-Luv Otaku_L
An alternate timeline, invading alien hordes, and cool mechs are the main ingredients in the latest sci-fi anime from Japan called Muv-Luv Alternative ...
Hello Kitty in OZ Otaku_L
Calling all Hello Kitty otaku! Our beloved little white kitten has been swept off to the Land of Oz and needs your help to prevent the end of the Emerald ...
Otaku Hatsune Miku Concert_L
Big news, my fellow otaku. Mega virtual J-pop idol, Miku Hatsune, will be coming to Hong Kong for a special live concert.
The Dark Knight Rises Otaku_L
Calling all Bat-fans: get ready for a bat-tastic summer ride as the super cool Bat-pod revs its way across Hong Kong in a fortnight-long roadshow.
Old Master Q Otaku_L
Otaku Zone would like to say happy birthday to Old Master Q! For this year is the 50th anniversary of the iconic Hong Kong comic strip Lao Fu Zi, more commonly ...
Sakamichi Otaku_L
A transfer student learns that life can be better with a little help from some new friends and a shared passion for playing jazz in the new anime series ...
Zetman Otaku_L
Animation and the Japanese morphing hero genre combine in in the new action anime Zetman. It stars Jin, a biologically engineered superbeing, as he fights ...
Tron Uprising Otaku_L
The neon world of the Tron movies moves from big screen to small in a new animated show called Tron: Uprising that is filled with light cycles and disc battles.
Saint Seiyu Omega Otaku_L
Burn your Cosmos! A new Saint Seiya series is exploding onto your flat screens, with a new band of young saints battling the evil minions of the god Mars.
Tankbot Otaku_L
The summer holidays are just around the corner - but for the hardcore Otaku, outdoor summer activities don't hold much appeal. So while other friends are out ...