Get your fill of manga, video games and great cosplay at Hong Kong's answer to Comic-Con: San Diego.
Gundam Otaku_L
Otaku fans are in for a double treat this weekend! Not only is the annual Ani-Con taking place - it ends on Tuesday - but another amazing event has also ...
Blood Lad Otaku_L
Here's a twist: a vampire that's an otaku. In the new anime Blood Lad, a demon vampire's hobby is popular Japanese culture.
Suisei Otaku_L
A gigantic water world where mankind lives on floating cities. This is the backdrop for a young mech pilot who finds himself a long way from home in the new ...
Executive producer, Kajihara Takeshi, and a pharoah
Lego Otakus have a great treat in store this summer with the Piece of Peace - World Heritage Exhibition Built with Lego Bricks now on display at Cityplaza in Taikoo Shing.
Attack on Titan Otaku_L
Giants mindlessly roam the Earth, devouring humans in the new action anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), and only an army of specially trained soldiers ...
Donguri Otaku_L
Donguri Republic has come to Hong Kong! Now there's another great geek store to visit to get some cool anime toys and merchandise.
Recyborg Otaku_L
Shotaro Ishinomori's classic sci-fi manga, Cyborg 009, gets a 21st century anime makeover in director Kenji Kamiyama's 2012 feature-length film 009 Re: Cyborg.
Majestic Prince Otaku_L
The new anime space opera Majestic Prince features lots of mecha - piloted, armed-robot - action as a band of teenagers fight alien forces.
Avengers Protocol Otaku_L
What's better than an Avengers animated show? Two Avengers animated shows! The Disney XD channel in the US has added a second animated show based on the wildly ...
Kakumeiki Otaku_L
If you're going to steal, steal from the best. That's exactly what new anime Kakumeiki Valvrave (Valvrave the Liberator) does. The show follows almost ...