The 20-year-old is one of the most exciting young artists to emerge from the Hong Kong music scene.
From working in an office to selling out concerts, it’s safe to say this singer is living his best life. And as he tells us, he owes it all to his fans.
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In 2015, British synthwave trio Gunship shook the electronic and rock scenes with their slick self-titled debut album. Three years on, and their follow up release Dark All Day is full of similarly glossy production, but falls short when it comes to songwriting.
Five albums in, and this band certainly aren’t stuck in the mud, as they’ve delivered one of their best records so far.
This Wednesday, Netherlands-based DJ Eevee will be in Hong Kong for the first time to perform at This Town Needs in Kowloon.
It was only in April that K-pop six-piece Vixx dropped their third album Eaux De Vixx, but they are back again, this time with their Japanese album Reincarnation.
To stand out in the hip hop world, you need a great beat, interesting instrumentals, and an impeccable flow. On Lupe Fiasco’s seventh album, Drogas Wave, the American rapper offers all these things in spades.
We talk to the solo indie rock artist about her smash hit debut album Lush.