While the album pays tribute to past releases, it has a completely new vibe.
The American pop star’s first album has been long in the making – and well worth the wait.
The French DJ, songwriter, and record producer was in Hong Kong earlier this month for the EDM music fest, and revealed how he remains relevant.
Australian pop-rockers 5 Seconds Of Summer’s third studio album, Youngblood, is full of great hooks and their most consistent songwriting to date.
Six years on from her incredible self-titled debut, French songwriter Melody Prochet (AKA Melody’s Echo Chamber) makes up for the wait, with an exciting and unpredictable return, Bon Voyage.
When most people refer to “classical music”, they mean something from what is known as the “common-practice” period from 1600-1910. This encompasses the baroque, classical and romantic eras.
Seven years after their first album, Arcade Rock, Hong Kong-based band The Sleeves recently released their long overdue second effort Deliverance – 51 minutes of brazen guitar solos and driving rock songs of a bygone era.
After making their debut at last year’s Sonar Festival HK, experimental trio Blood Wine or Honey have released their hotly anticipated debut album Fear & Celebration.
K -pop is a popular music genre which has grown significantly in audience since its beginnings in 1980s South Korea.
The former member of girl group Fifth Harmony shows the crowd a personal side of her life, and tells us to be kind to ourselves.
His signature style is still there, but new songs lacks impact.