They are the first school from Hong Kong to win this prestigious global singing contest.
Alexandra Burke's debut album, Overcome, topped the British charts and sold 130,000 copies in the first week alone...
Robbie reminds us of his hits_L
Robbie Williams made a name for himself when he split acrimoniously from the boy band of the early '90s, Take That, in 1995. The band's popularity plummeted soon...
Sure to please the faithful_L
Alternative band The Script released their second album in September, and it skyrocketed to No 1 on the UK charts. Science & Faith picks up comfortably where their first album left off...
The success of Mike Posner's dance single Cooler than Me paved the way for a highly anticipated debut album. 31 Minutes to Takeoff does not live up to the promise of the si
Debuting at No2 on the Billboard 200, Maroon 5's third album in eight years, Hands All Over, is perhaps their slickest album yet.
Charlie Green_L
Charlie Green shot to fame at the age of 10 on Britain's Got Talent 2008. Two years on, he continues to reinvent classics with his latest CD, A Friend Like You
Linkin Park_L
Linkin Park has often been criticised for lacking variety in their sound. A Thousand Suns puts these claims to rest...
Jimmy Lin_It's my time_L
Jimmy Lin Yu-chun's stunning rise from reality television to internet sensation gets a jolt of credibility with the release of his debut album, It's My Time
The hoosiers_the illusion of safety_L
Pop rock trio The Hoosiers are back, with their second chart-topping album, The Illusion of Safety...
Camp Rock 2_L
Soundtrack album Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam reunites the Camp Rock cast, including the Jonas brothers and Demi Lovato, to make feel-good music...