From the classroom to the stage, the bandmates tell us how they survived graduating from high school, and facing the realities of growing up.
The success of Mike Posner's dance single Cooler than Me paved the way for a highly anticipated debut album. 31 Minutes to Takeoff does not live up to the promise of the si
Debuting at No2 on the Billboard 200, Maroon 5's third album in eight years, Hands All Over, is perhaps their slickest album yet.
Charlie Green_L
Charlie Green shot to fame at the age of 10 on Britain's Got Talent 2008. Two years on, he continues to reinvent classics with his latest CD, A Friend Like You
Linkin Park_L
Linkin Park has often been criticised for lacking variety in their sound. A Thousand Suns puts these claims to rest...
Jimmy Lin_It's my time_L
Jimmy Lin Yu-chun's stunning rise from reality television to internet sensation gets a jolt of credibility with the release of his debut album, It's My Time
The hoosiers_the illusion of safety_L
Pop rock trio The Hoosiers are back, with their second chart-topping album, The Illusion of Safety...
Camp Rock 2_L
Soundtrack album Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam reunites the Camp Rock cast, including the Jonas brothers and Demi Lovato, to make feel-good music...
Flamingo_Brandon Flowers_L
Brandon Flowers, the leadman for The Killers, just released his debut solo album Flamingo...
Sparkling Jazz 2_L
If you're unsure whether or not you're a jazz fan, Sparkling Jazz 2, a two-disc compilation of 32 light-hearted classics, may help you decide...
Street dance_L
When it comes to soundtracks, hopes for dance films are sky-high. StreetDance OST is one of the latest to come from the ever expanding lineage of dance films...