The local four-piece owe their latest album to their followers’ pledges.
The Strokes guitarist certainly has some nice lyrics here, but overall it's his weakest album.
Not quite as rewarding as their previous work, this album still has some hauntingly good tracks.
Taylor Swift premiered the music video for her latest single, Delicate, at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles last night.
From Marvin Gaye to Adele, soul’s played a part in many a musician’s work.
Ahead of their performance at Hong Kong’s Sonar Festival next weekend, Mexican electro duo Deer have released their new four-track EP Portraits, a record inspired by their experience as Hong Kong residents for the past five years.
His music may have taken a back seat to his political activism on social media in recent years, but electronica artist Moby has produced a stirring, intricate, and thought-provoking set of songs on his latest effort Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt.
The superstar hit all the right notes tonight, earning a standing ovation and roaring applause.
So you think you’re cool because you listen to Katy Perry on Spotify? No, real cool cats listen to their music on turntables.
Lucky is the second mini album from K-pop star Weki Meki, comprising a collection of poor songs, cringey sounds and nauseating handclaps from start to finish.