While the K-pop giants deliver some excellent tracks, the album isn't as consistent as 2019's 'Persona'
A supergroup made of K-pop veterans from EXO and SHINee, SuperM transcends fandoms, musical genres, and geographical boundaries.
Their first English album showcases their group and individual talents.
Newcomer Dave called out racism in Britain, in a politically-charged show that also came under fire for a lack of female nominees.
The former 'Team B' from reality survival programme 'WIN: Who is Next' delivers lacklustre songs in mini-album.
In eighth EP, Sowon, Erin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji try out different styles and rhythms.
Girl band consisting of Sihyeon, E:U, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren bring swagger and style.
The punk rockers, who will be performing in Hong Kong this spring, return to their signature sound in their 13th album.
The K-pop group tries out different music styles, an effort which pays off.
Twin singers Calvina and Carmina Poon gave up comfortable jobs in corporate banking to pursue a career in music.
Fresh Kid - real name Patrick Ssenyonjo - has hits on YouTube, won a US music award, and helped build a better life for his family