Seven years after their first album, Arcade Rock, Hong Kong-based band The Sleeves recently released their long overdue second effort Deliverance – 51 minutes of brazen guitar solos and driving rock songs of a bygone era.
After making their debut at last year’s Sonar Festival HK, experimental trio Blood Wine or Honey have released their hotly anticipated debut album Fear & Celebration.
K -pop is a popular music genre which has grown significantly in audience since its beginnings in 1980s South Korea.
The former member of girl group Fifth Harmony shows the crowd a personal side of her life, and tells us to be kind to ourselves.
His signature style is still there, but new songs lacks impact.
Third studio album from the K-pop boy band sensation is number one in the US and Japan, with good reason.
From greats such as Armstrong, Davis and Fitzgerald, to the artists who draw inspiration from them, let’s look at the genre through the ages.
Following 2016’s Songs About Girls, the boys now return with their long-awaited follow-up EP, Eden, a seven-track record which shows frontman Zubin Isaac and co becoming more daring and consistent in their songwriting.
On his third, self-titled, studio album, 19-year-old Shawn Mendes offers more catchy pop songs, solid songwriting and a gentle push into new territory, without losing his edge.
Funk music started to emerge in black American communities, combining elements of established genres – such as soul, jazz and R’n’B – in a more rhythmic and dance-orientated way.
On his first full-length album GOØDevil, the artist combines his love of musical genres with his varied cultural upbringing