Not quite Ghostbusters, but the budding bromance between the three leads makes the whole thing work.
In Time_L
In the near-dystopian future in which In Time is set, humans are no longer slaves to money: time is the new currency. People literally work for time, which ...
Over the years, Alexandre Dumas's classic tale The Three Musketeers has been the source for countless adaptations. The latest effort taps into the 3D phenomenon ...
In the thriller Dream House, Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, plays Will Atenton, a successful New York publisher who decides to retire into a suburban ...
TVB all-stars strut their stuff in full force in the slapstick comedy Fortune Buddies, which quite possibly sets the record for most characters in a Hong Kong film.
Journeying deep into the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, African Cats is a nature documentary about lions, cheetahs and the survival of the fittest.
Take the law into your own hands. Make a deal with an underground vigilante group. What other poor, out-of-character decisions can one person make?
Andrew Yuen of The Media Evangelism Ltd says he is convinced that what they found on Mount Ararat was the biblical Noah's ark.
Depending on whom you ask, it's either the most amazing find in history - or a massive practical joke.
Robots fight it out
If Rock 'em Sock 'em robots was made into a film, it would probably look something like Real Steel. Or that's what the filmmakers would have you believe.
Life is filled with debates that divide humanity down the middle. One involves the two opposing camps of Twilight: Team Edward versus Team Jacob. Which are you on?
There's one major problem with Johnny English Reborn: it's not that funny.