From lighthearted fun to truly terrifying, here are our top picks to revisit this Halloween season.
The Amazing Spider-Man_L
Luring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on board the Spider-Man reboot makes a lot of sense. Once the producers decided on a darker, edgier future for the ...
Lincoln Vampire Movie_L
Toss historical accuracy out the window. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a work of fiction. It takes slivers of history - mainly parts of Abraham Lincoln's.....
New York Eve DVD_L
Depending on whether you're a glass half-full or half-empty type of person, New Year's Eve is either a new beginning, or the beginning of the end.
Kid With A Bike DVD_L
The Kid with a Bike is a French film which tells the tale of an 11-year-old boy called Cyril (Thomas Doret). Cyril lives in a foster home and is desperately ...
The Raven Film_L
For some writers, having their literary imaginings become a reality would be a dream come true. But for Edgar Allan Poe - the American author famous for his gothic ...
Wings Of The Kirin Film_L
I've never read anything by Japanese crime writer Keigo Higashino, but the film adaptation of The Wings of the Kirin feels very much like a novel.
Journey 2 DVD_L
After receiving a code from an unknown island, code breaker Hank (Dwayne Johnson) and his adventurer step-son Sean (Josh Hutcherson) embark on a journey ...
Salmon Yemen Movie_L
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a feel-good romantic comedy with a positive message. Based on the 2006 best-selling book, the story concerns two ...
Prometheus Movie_L
It all began with a giant elephant-like creature more than 30 years ago. Dubbed "the Space Jockey", it appeared seated in a pod-like device in the original ...
What to expect Movie_L
The film, What to Expect When You're Expecting, is everything you'd, er, expect in an ensemble comedy about pregnancy and impending parenthood.