Crazy Rich Asians is putting Asian American actors firmly in the spotlight, but it wasn't always this way - it's been a struggle.
Love Strikes Movie_L
The Japanese have a term to describe periods of sudden popularity guys experience with girls. The term is "moteki" and it comes less frequently and passes ...
Ghost Rider 2 Movie_L
For the record, I never thought the original Ghost Rider was all that awful. It's an ideal film for those switch-off-your-brain and enjoy-the-ride moments ...
John Carter Movie_L
Who is the first American who landed on Mars? John Carter from Virginia. Disney once again tries to turn a novel - A Princess of Mars ...
Tower Heist DVD_L
It may not be perfect for the big screen, but Tower Heist fits the bill for some weekend home movie watching.
Tinker Tailor Film_L
A botched mission in Hungary leads to the death of a British spy and the firing of MI6 head Control (John Hurt) and his right-hand man, Smiley (Gary Oldman).
The Artist Film_L
Go to see The Artist. Michel Hazanavicius' black-and-white romantic comedy-drama - set in Hollywood in 1927 just as sound was coming to the movies ...
Hugo Film_L
It wouldn't seem technically advanced if you saw it now, but George Melies' A Trip to the Moon was revolutionary, a classic in every sense of the word.
Extremely Loud Movie_L
Movies with a child protagonist usually set up one of two scenarios: I worry I'll either be scared me to death or heartbroken. Stephen Daldry's Extremely ...
This Means War Movie_L
This week I stumbled upon an amazing fact: the combined estimated budgets of The Artist, The Descendants and Midnight in Paris, three ...
La Delicatesse Film_L
Directed by brothers David and Stephane Foenkinos, French film La Delicatesse is a dramedy in every sense of the word.