Crazy Rich Asians is putting Asian American actors firmly in the spotlight, but it wasn't always this way - it's been a struggle.
Bernie Movie_L
Director Richard Linklater's Bernie proves that real life can be stranger than fiction. This black comedy tells the true story of a murder in the small ...
Motorway DVD_L
Car enthusiast or not, you'll marvel at the manoeuvres in director Cheang Pou-soi's Motorway. Sadly there's not enough in the paper-thin mentor-disciple/cops ...
The Thieves Movie_L
Korean filmmaker Choi Dong-hoon made his debut in the big-screen heist genre with The Big Swindle; his follow-up is The Thieves.
The Cold Light Movie_L
The Cold Light of Day has high aspirations - on the one hand, it seeks to be a work of poetry; on the other, it wants to be a new Bourne Identity.
Friends with Kids Movie_L
Best friends Jason (Adam Scott) and Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt) know firsthand about the romance killer: being married with children. As they see it ...
Intouchables Movie_L
Don't confuse The Intouchables with The Untouchables. The two films could not be more different.
Red light_L
Do supernatural powers exist? The puzzling, recurring question has been resurrected this time by director Rodrigo Cortes, in his new film, Red Lights.
Diva Film_L
Public consumption of celebrity gossip has never been greater, as fans hunt for stories on their idols. Diva takes a peek into the world of showbusiness.
ParaNorman Film_L
Eleven-year-old Norman (voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee) has a unique ability - he can see and speak with the dead. That makes him an outcast, along with Neil ...
McDull Pork Music Film_L
McDull, Hong Kong's favourite piglet, is back as an operatic tenor in McDull: The Pork of Music.