One of Marvel’s most beloved superhero is back without the Avengers, in his own unique animation with a captivating storyline.
Shaun the Sheep_L
Shaun the sheep and his friends in the popular animation Shaun the Sheep never fail to amuse us. It's great fun watching the sheep in action with the help of animators like Jim Parkyn.
Man of Steel Movie_L
DC Comics hero Superman has received yet another reboot. In Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, he is a human with super powers, searching for his soul and purpose.
Epic Movie_L
Yes, Epic is another movie about the battle between good and evil. But this film truly lives up to its title.
World War Z Movie_L
Many zombie movies are horror films, but not World War Z, which is a fusion of action and comedy. Featuring Brad Pitt as retired United Nations investigator ...
I'll Be Around Movie_L
Russian director Pavel Ruminov's moving film, I'll Be Around, recently hit the big screens in Hong Kong as part of the city's first-ever Russian Film Festival.
Now You See Me Movie_L
Louis Leterrier's Now You See Me is an unusual thing: a magical heist thriller. It starts with the "Four Horseman", a group of four talented magicians ...
So Young Movie_L
The directional debut of Chinese actress and pop singer Zhao Wei is an impressive romantic drama. Set in a university on the mainland, So Young explores ...
Bekas Movie_L
The heart-warming film, Bekas - which means "orphan" in Kurdish - was inspired by the true tale of its director, Karzan Kader, who left Iraq, aged six ...
After Earth Movie_L
Director M. Night Shyamalan certainly planned to produce a renowned science fiction movie, but the outcome is below par.
Reality Movie_L
Everybody wants to be famous. But the important thing is not to blindly chase things you can never have. Unlike Luciano in Reality.