Mega stars headline musical update to beloved 1994 animated film, but overall effort less fun than original.
Learn about what goes on behind the scenes to create the sounds of movies, and the subtle difference between editing and mixing.
While this follow-up pays its respects to the 1964 film, the performances, songs and sheer joy make it a worthy sequel in its own right.
J. Lo's presence elevates the film from predictable fluff to meaningful discussion on society.
As with the previous movies, the animation and sound design are spot-on, and there are some truly gasp-worthy visual moments.
It takes a certain type of people to become war correspondents, and this films honours those who make that difficult choice.
A gripping dramatisation of the final week leading up to the Asian Financial Crisis.
This film was inspired by the director's experiences as a foster parent.
Trailer shows classic villain battling elementals and a tender moment between Tom Holland and Zendaya.