Tonnes of amazing films came out of the 00s, from Marvel’s X-Men, to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Here are some of the Young Post’s team’s most loved films from the decade.
Yoson An, an ethnically Chinese actor who hails from New Zealand, has been cast to play Chen Honghui opposite Liu Yifei's Mulan in the Disney live action remake of the 1998 animated feature.
When Sun Meets Moon is a romantic drama directed by Benny Lau, and tells a familiar story of star-crossed lovers. While the story is emotional, the film’s overuse of tired themes, and its generic narrative will disappoint cinema-goers looking for something more exciting.
Dispiriting but realistic, Walking Past the Future unveils the sad reality of the China’s working class.
Hong Kong was a fraught place to be in 1967, with the city in the midst of an eight-month riot between pro-communist campaigners and the British colonial government.
From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to Incredibles 2, here's what we’re pre-booking tickets for this year.
You can check out the best films from France’s Annecy International Animation Festival right here in Hong Kong.
The film is a thought-provoking drama that delivers a powerful message about social issues past and present.
Seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story this weekend but confused about where this movie fits in the franchise? This should help:  
Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover channel all the charm of the legendary originals but the ending is almost cartoonishly bad.