Switch off those old Christmas re-runs and check out these seasonal offerings from international cinema, all showing in Hong Kong this December
Thanks to over-reliance on CGI, a mediocre plot and cheesy, offensive dialogue. The Predator has all of the makings of an epic disappointment with a lot of missed potential.
This romantic drama is based on a true story of two sailors who were caught in a hurricane.
This drama explores the emotional struggles of those living with cancer, and the loved ones who support them through their battles.
The best showcase of indie cinema is returning to Hong Kong this month with a line-up ranging from hilarious comedies and tense dramas.
This nine-year passion project is one of the most genuine and heartfelt films of the past decade.
Team YP shares their favourite movies to watch to ring in the new academic year. Sometimes it’s just nice to know every school has its ups and downs.
Inspired by the true story of former South Korean spy Park Chae-seo, The Spy Gone North revolves around Park Suk-young (Hwang Jung-min) an army major who poses as a businessman to infiltrate a North Korean nuclear facility in the early 90s.
Sorry to bother you, one of the standout films of Sundance, provides a fresh and insightful commentary on a host of issues to do with Western culture.