Tonnes of amazing films came out of the 00s, from Marvel’s X-Men, to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Here are some of the Young Post’s team’s most loved films from the decade.
Not quite Ghostbusters, but the budding bromance between the three leads makes the whole thing work.
When a sequel to a beloved film is 14 years in the making, you expect a lot and hope it won't disappoint. The Incredibles 2 does not disappoint.
If you love Dwayne Johnson, reality-defying stunts, and seeing Hong Kong on the big screen, you won't be disappointed
Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu already lined up to lead one production.
Featuring the brilliant artist Yank Wong Yan-kwai, local documentary I ’ve Got the Blues is a rare gem that reveals the complexities of humanity, while inviting audiences to question the very nature of documentary.
Stuck at home for the summer? Some blockbuster films are best enjoyed from your couch, anyway.
Ant-Man 2 finds an excellent balance of comedic flare and high-octane action that gives it a classic comic book movie feel.
Although the Korean version is not as emotive or as tear-jerking as the OG, it’s still a great watch.
The former fake Pepsi ad character now has his own feature-length film, and it’s a fairly fun sports comedy.