The CGI brings unlikely characters to life in this delightful family film.
Age-old rivalry returns_L
It has been almost a decade since the original Cats & Dogs was released. The sequel is here at last, but with a whole cast of new characters.
Vampire spoof lacks bite_L
It was only a matter of time before the guys behind the Scary, Date and Epic Movies would make a vampire spoof.
Urban romance a winner_L
American-born, Taipei-based director Arvin Chen's feature debut Au Revoir Taipei delivers a unique take on Taipei's urban culture and provides an interesting contrast to a summer of...
Sorcerers lack magic power_L
Director Jerry Bruckheimer and actor Nicolas Cage team up for the seventh time in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Disney's expansion on a segment in its 1940 classic Fantasia.
Finally, a reason for 3D specs_L
Nobody goes to see the third film in a franchise expecting Oscar-worthy scripts or acting. But if any more time had been spent on those attributes in Step Up 3D, there...
Film falls despicably short_L
A typical 'kiddie' film, Despicable Me describes the transformation of self-proclaimed super-villain, Gru, from evil villain to fatherly figure.
Lack of grit means incredulity_L
Following in the footsteps of a string of 80s remakes comes The Karate Kid. Like the original, the story focuses on a new kid in town who is bullied, meets an mysterious...
Message lost in awful mess_L
Animals may not have been hurt in Furry Vengeance, but Brendan Fraser's career sure was. The cheerless animal 'comedy' film relies on...
Not what Shakespeare wrote_L
Letters to Juliet is a feel-good movie with an easy plot and happy ending. Sophie Hall (Amanda Seyfried) heads to Verona, Italy, with her chef fiancé...
A typical Hollywood action film Salt that keeps your heart pounding until the credit rolls.