Not quite Ghostbusters, but the budding bromance between the three leads makes the whole thing work.
If you are the one_s
Director Feng Xiaogang's sequel to his 2008 hit If You Are the One falls a little flat...
don;t mess_L
Set in the not so sci-fi world of rural Britain, Never Let Me Go explores the daunting possibility of a world inhabited by clones...
buyer beware_L
Special effects bigwigs the Brothers Strause take the helm as directors and co-producers in sci-fi thriller Skyline...
an invasion_L
Take the robots from The Terminator, add the plot from Independence Day, throw in cinema verite battle scenes and you have World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles.
Needs to adjust to reality_L
Do we control our own lives, or are they pre-destined by higher beings? The Adjustment Bureau, directed by George Nolfi, examines the themes of fate, destiny and free will...
ironically leaves you speechless_L
Director Tom Hooper's tender approach in The King's Speech has resulted in a beautifully human film with universal appeal...
heros no good without evil_L
Imagine Superman without his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. Or Batman without the Joker. It's unthinkable. Megamind confronts this dilemma from the perspective of the villain...
numbers fail to add up_L
I Am Number Four is based on the novel of the same name - the first in a proposed six-book series. After watching the movie, however, you pray the filmmakers won't be as ambitious as the
the shooting star_L
The Coen brothers turns out they stuck to their word, walking away with zero awards for True Grit.
our picks for oscars_L
Our Grammy picks went one for four. Let's see how we do this time, with the 83rd Academy Awards...