Based on R. J. Palacino’s New York Times bestseller, Wonder tells the incredible story of August Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), who gets bullied for how he's different.
The Glass Castle, based on New York journalist Jeannette Walls’s memoirs, is a look at one woman’s troubled childhood as she and her siblings are brought up by their deeply dysfunctional parents.
Not just a gratuitously violent show, Frank Castle's story explores universally relatable themes such as love, loss, family and trauma.
Unless you haven't seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which case, yes, there is a major spoiler!
Mix!, with its host of popular Japanese actors including Yui Aragaki, Eita, Ryoko Hirosue, and Mei Nagano, is a sports drama with elements of romcom mixed (ha!) in.
A HK-American artist hopes this film will give people a whole new perspective on the famous Dutch painter.
Loving Vincent is an aesthetic, dreamy, captivating and poignant cinematic work of art like no other
The director and star focuses more on Hercule Poirot's character, leaving actual murder in the background
I’ll come out and say it – Rebel in the Rye is a disappointing film. Even if you’re a fan of JD Salinger’s classic novel, this film about the author’s life will feel like a drag on your time.
Imagine what it was like to be a female tennis player in the 70s, and be awarded a lot less than a male tennis player.