These wholesome films will keep you entertained while social distancing.
Thai-Irish filmmaker Tom Waller’s dramatic action film is based on the real life rescue of the Wild Boars student football team.
Chloe Coleman also stars in family comedy about a spy who forms an unexpected friendship with an unlikely ally.
A fictional Siri bosses a dorky nervous wreck around and tries to make his life better.
Bong Joon-ho's achievement contains many hidden comments about society, especially the wealth gap between the rich and poor.
From Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady to Disney’s Pocahontas, relive the stories of these female heroines this IWD.
Newcomers Achintya Bose and Manish Chauhan bring energy and sincerity to roles that prove hard work pays off.
Whodunit starring Olga Kurylenko and Lambert Wilson gets off to a slow start, but a clever second half saves the day.
Fandy Fan and Berant Chu turn in sincere performances as brothers who are basketball rivals.
Peter is Lara Jean's official boyfriend, but what happens when her sixth-grade crush John re-enters the picture?
We put together some of our favourite lines from films to help you stay positive during the coronavirus class suspension.