The Young Post team reveal what their favourite novels have taught them.
The previous winner of the prestigious Margaret Mahy Award wants to show off the culture and the landscape of the island country.
A series of adventure books by Nigerian author Bolaji Oyejide celebrates kids who have superpowers but must overcome difficulties too.
A couple of misfits play detective in this amusing mystery that is the start of a new series for pre-teen readers.
Francesca is rescued from bullies by an unexpected hero, but it's the start of another set of problems.
The first week of the first year at university is called “Freshers’ Week”, and it’s a time new uni students look forward to. Freshers’ Week is always packed with parties, new faces, new places, new experiences and new activities.
Growing up, the writer struggled to find characters in the books she read who looked like her. So she create them herself.
The illegitimate daughter of an English aristocrat has a supernatural ability that others want for their own ends.
Something very weird is starting again in the small American town that teenager Mikey Mitchell calls home. It’s happened before when vampires and soul-sucking ghosts tried to overrun the place. But that’s not all.
When a painting is stolen from the Guggenheim and Ted's Aunt Gloria is framed, our heroes are sent racing through New York to find the real culprit.