The elegant new edition, with artwork from Spanish artist Julia Sarda, will delight any and all fans of Lewis Carroll's fabulous world.
Sometimes the best ideas for a cracking book are the simplest. Take four mismatched kids, strand them in the middle of the Amazon jungle, and challenge them to get home.
Forget Harry Potter’s J. K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins – here’s why this author and musician is so popular around the world.
This bewitching new thriller has already secured translation deals in many foreign markets, and been sold to Sony Pictures to be turned into a movie.
Ryo lives in a remote village in ancient Japan. His father is a well-respected potter, and Ryo knows he is likely to follow in his footsteps.
Zeze comes from an underprivileged family in Rio de Janeiro and a chance encounter with a friendly stranger will change his life forever.
Lucretia Cutter wants to destroy Earth’s food supply with genetically-modified beetles, and it’s up to insect lover Darkus to stop her.
Much like in Game of Thrones, a wall in the North plays a huge role in this story – only the characters here want to get past it to freedom.
In celebration of World Book Day, Team YP shares the novels that had a big impact on them.