The Young Post team reveal what their favourite novels have taught them.
The novel, set in a fictional fantasy country in Africa, is a thrilling tale that takes readers on a glorious adventure about a land that has banned the use of magic
When 11-year-old Alice Mistlethwaite is sent to Stormy Loch boarding school, she embarks on a mysterious adventure with two new friends.
A scythe is a sharp tool used for cutting down long grass or crops. It has a wooden handle and a long curved metal blade.
On October 26, 1966, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) proclaimed September 8 to be International Literacy Day.
Unlike many other YA fiction out there, Ingemundsen’s tale isn’t about a maze, a mission, or a fight – it’s simply about growing up.
Very few novels begin with an opening as attention-grabbing and dramatic as the one Karen David serves up in her searing new thriller Stranger, and the momentum is kept up until the final surprising revelations.
Twelve Nights begins as it doesn’t mean to go on, which is a little confusing. The opening really does wrong-foot the reader, so patience is needed until the real plot gets going.
The best books are the ones that stay with you even after you finish them. Here are seven that’ll make you reflect and possibly alter your perspective.
With a recently signed movie deal and two sequels on the way, YA thriller S.T.A.G.S looks set to become an epic franchise.
A young girl is destined to become a supernatural guide for the dead, but what if she wants to have friends instead?