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How does Hong Kong's housing crisis affect the way ordinary people live?
The IELTS can be your ticket to studying abroad, so here are some experts' secrets to getting the scores you want.
1. blindingly2. Yes. You could just go outside, gaze at the stars for 10 minutes, and then go back to the hotel, according to Lucy Christie3. things like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and toothpaste
1. He discovered that American football players could suffer from a brain disorder previously found only in boxers. / His medical research put him on bad terms with one of America’s most powerful institutions, the NFL.
2015 DSE top scorer Melody Tam offers tips on what students can do during the summer holidays to help them prepare for the Chinese and other exams.
Most local schools will be releasing end-of-year exam results in the next few days. If you’re in Forms Three and Four, you will have to make some life-changing choices.
The 2017 liberal studies DSE might seem far away, but top DSE scorer Victor Lam, and tutor H. Y. Fung from Modern Education, advises you to make the best use of the holiday.
Spending your summer watching TV doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Team YP has some great documentaries that will open your mind – and help prepare you for your SBAs
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) English language and literature exam starts on Monday, but you don’t need to be a bundle of nerves in the run up to the big day.
Memorising facts and figures is all well and good, but this extremely tough paper required extra thought.
This year’s DSE Biology Paper 1 (core) was easier than last year’s, but Paper 2 (electives) was harder, teachers said.