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Suggested responses to our article about how to handle breaking news in a 24-hour news cycle.
1. monochrome  2. woodblock printing  3. To “strike a chord with”/make the art form more popular with/relevant to modern/contemporary society
1. People scowl more than they smile and often feel stressed out, rather than cheerful and relaxed./They are described as angry/frustrated, not happy, and stressed out and exhausted, not cheerful and relaxed.
Understand why the retrieval practice studying method is to make the best use of your time and efforts and ace that exam.
Put off by soaring property prices and stressful jobs, an increasing number of Hongkongers are leaving for places such as New Zealand, Iceland and Taiwan.
Students face many challenges but essay-based exams can be very tough. We offer some tips on answering some of the most common exam questions.
The High Court has rejected the use of the most common charge against crimes involving the handheld devices.
Carrie Lam has slammed the Foreign Correspondents' Club for inviting pro-independence leader Andy Chan to give a talk.