Exam tips

Suggested responses to our article about how to handle breaking news in a 24-hour news cycle.
1. B  2. (i) geeks  (ii) nerds 3. Maths Romance is meant to create interest in a subject that some people find boring. 4. 7,531 5. (i) NG 
1. They are people who cannot maintain their homes because they are low-income and/or senior citizens.
1. C 2. inevitable airborne future for short-range transport with vertical take-off and landing  3. i) Tii) Fiii) Fiv) NG
Applications for admission cards begin today, priority will be given to candidates of major public exams or professional exams.
1. C 2. It’s a great option when you’re on a budget (1) and can help clear space in your home  3. Something that one person considers not valuable (important) may be considered valuable (important) by someone else
1. B 2. Chan thinks of/imagines a dish and what it looks/tastes like; Chan and Hassan-Odukale both cook it and compare it to Chan’s idea 3. They don’t care if people like their food/they don’t make efforts to accommodate them
1. (i) ancient (ii) plucked (iii) conjure 2. a luxury/something available only to the wealthy/powerful people in society /something only rich and/or powerful people can afford
1. C 2. They are isolated/separated from the reality of people’s lives/poverty people experience in Port Moresby/PNG/their own economies.
1. crew 2. one family member or friend  3. i) NG ii) F iii) NG iv) T 4. i) randomly  ii) penalties