Exam tips

1. C 2. It’s a great option when you’re on a budget (1) and can help clear space in your home  3. Something that one person considers not valuable (important) may be considered valuable (important) by someone else
1. skyrocketed 2. (a) F (b) T (c) NG (d) T 3. (i) relay (ii) foolproof (iii) fluctuate
1. B 2. C 3. People on the internet who criticise new vegans asking questions about veganism [1 mark] // and say they aren’t “vegan enough” [1 mark]
1. in its infancy 2. an orbital tourist vehicle 3. training, astronaut certification, first-class round trip airfare, five-star accommodation to the launch site, a ride in a rocket 
1. Blight 2.Video games 3. College students, post-literate societies and people who frequently use microscopes. 
1. monochrome  2. woodblock printing  3. To “strike a chord with”/make the art form more popular with/relevant to modern/contemporary society
1. People scowl more than they smile and often feel stressed out, rather than cheerful and relaxed./They are described as angry/frustrated, not happy, and stressed out and exhausted, not cheerful and relaxed.
Understand why the retrieval practice studying method is to make the best use of your time and efforts and ace that exam.
Put off by soaring property prices and stressful jobs, an increasing number of Hongkongers are leaving for places such as New Zealand, Iceland and Taiwan.