Exam tips

Tutors from King’s Glory Education and Beacon College say that questions usually touch on current issues, so brush up on world events before the test.
1. Mandarin and music.  2. It’s the former home of kung fu legend Bruce Lee.
1. B  2. (i) geeks  (ii) nerds 3. Maths Romance is meant to create interest in a subject that some people find boring. 4. 7,531 5. (i) NG 
1. They are people who cannot maintain their homes because they are low-income and/or senior citizens.
1. C 2. inevitable airborne future for short-range transport with vertical take-off and landing  3. i) Tii) Fiii) Fiv) NG
Applications for admission cards begin today, priority will be given to candidates of major public exams or professional exams.
1. C 2. It’s a great option when you’re on a budget (1) and can help clear space in your home  3. Something that one person considers not valuable (important) may be considered valuable (important) by someone else
1. B 2. Chan thinks of/imagines a dish and what it looks/tastes like; Chan and Hassan-Odukale both cook it and compare it to Chan’s idea 3. They don’t care if people like their food/they don’t make efforts to accommodate them