Exam tips

The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority has released the full details for DSE results release day.
Still have a tonne of revision to do before exams start? These study techniques will help you get through it.
1. throwback  2. by studying from other countries and learning from their example 3. (i) T
1. Because most people in Hong Kong use smartphones  2. Arguments for removing (any two from): obstruction for pedestrians/get in the line of sight of drivers/ take up too much space on pathways.
1. A 2. peeking 3. (i) False (ii) True   (iii) True (iv) Not given 4. challenging
1. Mandarin and music.  2. It’s the former home of kung fu legend Bruce Lee.
1. B  2. (i) geeks  (ii) nerds 3. Maths Romance is meant to create interest in a subject that some people find boring. 4. 7,531 5. (i) NG 
1. They are people who cannot maintain their homes because they are low-income and/or senior citizens.
1. C 2. inevitable airborne future for short-range transport with vertical take-off and landing  3. i) Tii) Fiii) Fiv) NG