Exam tips

1. Because most people in Hong Kong use smartphones  2. Arguments for removing (any two from): obstruction for pedestrians/get in the line of sight of drivers/ take up too much space on pathways.
1. B 2. Chan thinks of/imagines a dish and what it looks/tastes like; Chan and Hassan-Odukale both cook it and compare it to Chan’s idea 3. They don’t care if people like their food/they don’t make efforts to accommodate them
1. (i) ancient (ii) plucked (iii) conjure 2. a luxury/something available only to the wealthy/powerful people in society /something only rich and/or powerful people can afford
1. C 2. They are isolated/separated from the reality of people’s lives/poverty people experience in Port Moresby/PNG/their own economies.
1. crew 2. one family member or friend  3. i) NG ii) F iii) NG iv) T 4. i) randomly  ii) penalties
1. C 2. (i) NG (ii) F (iii) T (iv) F 3. he focuses on the ball, and walks around the court in small, even steps to keep his attention on the game
1. unveiled 2. G.E.M. was the inspiration for Jewel  3. (i) NG (ii) T (iii) T (iv) NG
1. B 2. interred 3. (i) E  (ii) A  (iii) D  (iv)/(v) F/B or B/F (vi) C
1. humble OR rustic 2. He loved eating and was unfussy/ He enjoyed eating and would try anything.  3. If something is not going to happen don’t insist just forget it. 4. B
1. C 2. A 3. C 4. Because the centre’s (cultural and environmental) values match/align with Wang and Yu’s values 5. B 6. C
1. (i) quartz mines closed (ii) Hong Kong International Airport opened  2. decimating  3. the noise level makes Sha Lo Wan unfit for humans to live in/ it’s too loud for people to live near