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02 Sep 2015 The journey to Neelum Valley is perhaps the craziest, happiest and the most unforgettable experience of Jessie's Pakistan adventure. Apart from overcoming challenges, she also learned to let the past go and find peace and joy in her heart.
02 Aug 2015 For her last blog on her journey to Pakistan, YP junior reporter Jessie Pang recalls all the beautiful people she met, lessons she learned, and memories she made.
(L-R) Ruby, Zantasha, Zunair, and Virda helped Jessie (second from left) feel right at home.
29 Jun 2015 Exchange life is never easy. Many things happened in my first two weeks in Pakistan. Yet, everything happen for good. So do get prepared and challenge your own comfort zone. I am sure you will learn and grow up a lot.
06 May 2015

When the country you want to go to on exchange makes your love ones feel apprehensive, do you forge ahead and go anyway? Or do you play it safe?