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19 Nov 2015 Time flies, and the 10th anniversary of Unicef's Charity Run is fast approaching.
19 Nov 2015 The Unicef Charity Run has always appealed to me. As a wheelchair athlete, I wanted to challenge myself, but had never participated in a marathon in Hong Kong.
UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake
16 Apr 2015 Last month, the conflict in Syria enters its fifth brutal year. It is an appalling milestone — marking four years of escalating violence and suffering with no resolution in sight. Tens of thousands of civilians have lost their lives. Millions have fled. UNICEF estimates some 14 million children are now affected in Syria and in neighbouring countries.
I don't need over-protecting. I am not endangered.
24 Mar 2015 I used to be a happy little kid living a pretty normal life in Hong Kong. But things changed when I fell sick. Now I'm like an endangered species living in a well-protected national park, and I want to escape.
A screengrab from Li Mau-wa's video, 'Be Isolated'
02 Mar 2015 My one-minute video, Be Isolated, is based on my personal experience. I moved to Hong Kong from the mainland, to live in a walled village in Tai Po with my parents and younger brother. Our home is made of iron sheets and bricks, and is far too small and crowded for a family of four.
Screen-grab from the video "Snapshot to Tokyo" by Wong Ka-ming
22 Jan 2015 I have a dream to travel around the world. Tokyo, Hokkaido, Dubai, Maldives; they are all my dream destinations. For years I have been living a dull life in a school dormitory, where no entertainment is allowed. The classroom is right next to the dormitory.
Screengrab of the video 'Kind of Freedom' by Chan Tsz-hin
08 Jan 2015 When I was in Secondary Two, I was so addicted to video games that I always ran away from school. I was sent to a School for Social Development (SSD). I have been here for more than a year now.
Kenny wants his story to raise awareness of domestic violence.
02 Jan 2015

All I want is a peaceful home, but that's a far-off dream. I grew up in a family with nothing but endless verbal fights between my parents.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has changed laws and practices, and improved the lives of millions of children.
17 Dec 2014 20 November 2014 marked the 25th anniversary since the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted at the General Assembly. Are children better off now than they were 25 years ago?