Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Services Association (HKOTSSA)

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See how happy we are! We are all little SESAME!
10 Jun 2015 It is never easy adapting to a city or culture so different to your own. Luckily, there is help if you look for it.
Natalie (in red) stayed with a warm, forthcoming ethnic minority family in China
02 May 2015 If you want to get involved through community service, you would probably want your service project to be a success. The question is, without experiences and resources, how?
Alex passes a brand-new comforter to a family
23 Apr 2015 In 1992, I received the Hong Kong Outstanding Student Services Award which has been organised by the Hong Kong Student Services Association since 1991. Soon, they will be handing out awards to the 24th batch of awardees and I can't wait to meet them.
The Ferrymen and students visit the HKU campus
21 Mar 2015 From the dictionary, I know that a ferryman is the person who operates a ferry. However the ferryman that I want to talk about doesn't use a ship at all.
Rebecca sitting in front of a wall her team painted
09 Feb 2015 Globalisation has accelerated the mobility of capital and knowledge. It has also tightened the connection between individuals in different parts of the world. As global citizens, have you ever thought of taking the lead to serve the community and make a difference?
Playing games with the kids in the first day of the service project
07 Jan 2015 Before joining any service projects, I never thought about what I could learn from them. But since, I've learned that all the knowledge, skills and personal feelings gained from service projects are irreplaceable. A lot of it can't be learned from school lectures or textbooks.
Danny (second from left) with kids in Changsha, China
21 Nov 2014 Service-learning, an important component of civic engagement, has recently become more and more popular, and is now considered one of the most effective educational methods, enabling students to think, judge, care and act responsibly within society.
Drawing made by one of the children
24 Sep 2014 Aids is often perceived as a deadly and contagious disease. Therefore, when I embarked on my trip to visit HIV-affected children in a remote village in China in August 2011, I felt nervous and apprehensive. However, it turned to be a memorable experience that forever changed my attitude towards AIDS patients.