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Spring break at Huntington Beach!
02 Apr 2015 Time flies. It’s been almost seven years since I started my very first blog. It was rather a childish endeavor, a pastime which I hoped would capture fleeting moments that I might forget about otherwise (even the younger me recognised my nostalgic nature). Thanks to spring break, I had some time to reflect on the fundamental motives and incentives behind my blogging activities.
Reading in different environments is a passion that April has.
07 Mar 2015 When I'm reading, I sometimes subconsciously associate the part in the book that I’m reading with the actual location where I have been reading the book. And when I revisit the text, my mind would bring me back to my previous physical surroundings.
Delighted to be back in Hong Kong over the winter break
21 Jan 2015 Watching the sunrise and strolling in the sleepy village became a prime pastime for the jet-lagged me. Weary-eyed traveller, international student, freshwoman… Here I am, in my home away from home for the next few years. 6:30 a.m. is when our local bakery opens on weekdays. There, I would buy myself a cup of “milk with chocolate” and a freshly baked chocolate and banana danish, and start typing on my laptop.
Pomona College
05 Jan 2015 From my time at college as a first semester first-year student, I have collected so many memorable moments and have learnt much, not only from my classes (Macroeconomics, Calculus, First Year Seminar, and Intermediate Spanish), but from many occasions beyond the classroom.
An officer checks the documents of a student crossing into Hong Kong to attend school at Lok Ma Chau
06 Dec 2014 The simple yellow line at the border between Mainland China and Hong Kong separates two completely different places, marking the boundary between the “Two Systems” of “One Country.” Not only is it a boundary between two intangible systems of politics and legislature, it is a boundary between two radically different ways of living.
April's adventures extend beyond college and the "Claremont Bubble".
21 Nov 2014 Having lived in Claremont, Calif. for three months now, I find it easy to be “stuck” in our comfortable “Claremont bubble”, whose tranquil cafés, bakeries, and froyo shops have become lovely weekend escape spots. Luckily, I got to explore the surrounding communities, largely…through contradance!
April studying Economics at the Quantitative Skills Center, Pomona College
02 Nov 2014 The way our ECON051 (Macroeconomics Principles) class is organised, we have either an assignment or a quiz (with the exception of the mid-term session) every Wednesday. During each class, we also have a short discussion that is usually focused on specific articles that we have read in relation to the topics that we have been covering.
April reading Harry Potter when she was younger
22 Sep 2014

As a self-identified Anglophile, I have considered the British accent as an aspect that has always defined me. It has been part of my personal brand image since I started gaining fluency in the language.

April at the Pomona College International Students' Orientation
11 Sep 2014

Of all the items in my walk-in closet, my favourite is a plain DIY T-shirt from Greece. It has Plato’s quote, "Thinking: the Talking of the Soul with Itself." and my name in Greek.

19 Aug 2014 It started with the Tower of Babel from the biblical Book of Genesis. There I was, sitting in my IB Business and Management class, wondering why on earth in this era of globalization, we still see language differences...