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05 May 2015 Financial Secretary John Tsang's plan for spending tax money has taken some steps to improve productivity and education, with plenty of initiatives aimed at students. Yet, the budget must do more to tackle Hong Kong’s real development issues, sooner rather than later.
Stefan Ingves at a news conference at Sweden’s Central Bank's headquarters in Stockholm
03 Apr 2015 Stefan Ingves' experience at two leading institutions can point local policymakers in the right direction.
A worker examines a pumpjack in China
24 Dec 2014 The fall in oil prices would benefit the global economy by transferring cash from inefficient state petroleum producers to dynamic shale competitors and consumers eager to spend. The shale boom’s creative destruction should lead to technical efficiency and more stable oil prices, by curbing the power of OPEC.
Japanese Prime Minister and ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Shinzo Abe (2nd from right) attends a campaign
15 Dec 2014 Abenomics’s first two arrows helped boost aggregate demand, but masked problems missed by Abe’s unfired, double-edged third arrow of politically sensitive structural reform.
Re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff waves to the crowd following her win on October 26, 2014
04 Nov 2014 Dilma Rousseff should strike a middle ground between business and consumer interests by launching efficient social programs while making it easy to do business.
21 Oct 2014 Mainland China is on a strong anti-corruption, anti-monopoly, and equal opportunity drive, yet it reverses its course with Hong Kong. Perhaps this is because the political fight has overshadowed the economic argument.
08 Oct 2014 Solving the greatest problems we face is no easy task, but it can be fun and rewarding, especially to policymakers. There are countless diverse bestsellers that explain how to run society, so which ones are the best?
07 May 2014 Legislator “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung and 13 other pan-democratic lawmakers proposed a universal pension scheme and are holding a record marathon filibuster to extend parliamentary debate until next month.