Imagine Dragons vs Maroon 5 showdown

Imagine Dragons vs Maroon 5 showdown


Oh, you know, just chatting with Mark Wahlberg with Optimus Prime in the background. No biggie.
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Time for a major Throwback Tuesday!! #tbt

Hong Kong, we had the honour to witness not just one, but two insanely popular American bands in the matter of two weeks - Imagine Dragons, and Maroon 5.

Both bands are no strangers to Asia's World City:

Maroon 5 toured here in 2007, 2011, 2012, and back again for their latest album V.

Imagine Dragons came to put on an exclusive show for the World Premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Let's begin with Adam Levine and buddies. To be perfectly honest, I thought I've seen Maroon 5 perform with a much better energy before. Especially when they keep performing at the same venue, it's exceedingly easy to compare them to their previous gigs here. (They didn't even bring an LED wall to HK!) The band was still tight, but I'd say Adam wasn't quite giving his all.

I think the album V is brilliant, but they certainly sounded better in the studio. By the last 10 minutes of the concert, me and my plus one started to realise it's not just the band; but the crowd too! I've never heard a more quiet "encore" chant at a live concert! Hong Kong, I've seen you do SO MUCH better!!

Then let's talk about Imagine Dragons. I had the privilege to co-host the Transformers global launch, and from the cast, to Michael Bay, to the crew, to Optimus Prime standing 20 feet tall behind on the red carpet ... everything still feels like a dream. When they rocked Battle Cry with Victoria Harbour in the background, and the most prominent buildings in town spit pyro up their roofs ... that impact will never go away. So yes, maybe I'm biased. But Dan and bandmates really did put on one fantastic show for us.

Some of the tracks off Smoke + Mirrors sounded even better live, and their humbleness made them even more unforgettable. Speaking about one of the tunes, Gold, Wayne and Platz told us BackStage, "Touring can sometimes feel like you're orbiting the earth, you're out in your own time space, and time on earth is moving so much faster than real life, and you miss out on all your friends, like all the things happening in your friends' lives... we've been so lucky, we're so fortunate, it's the best job in the world, and sometimes singing about the things that are troubling you, helps."

You can catch this interview soon enough on Radio 3's Teen Time, but for now, allow me to remind you, that we have plenty more international live gigs to come, from Muse (whom I've seen 4 times already, one of my all-time fav live acts), to Skrillex @ DLDK, to Clockenflap 2015 ... brace yourselves music lovers for 2015 to close with a big bang !!


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