13 reasons why cats are just plain evil

13 reasons why cats are just plain evil

Cats are not fluffy balls of goodness, they are murdering, evil monsters and the obsession with them needs to stop


The face of pure evil.

I hate cats. There, I said it. Now, while we wait for the internet to descend on me like Sauron’s army, I shall explain why.

Anyone that knows me knows I am not an animal person. Years of nameless, non-descript goldfish, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs have created in me a passive indifference to most pets and instilled in me a very “meh” attitude to anything cute and fluffy. I just don't get it. However, there is one thing in particular that baffles me beyond belief, and that's cat videos. Fawning over cats has to be the biggest mystery in the history of the internet, so here are some reasons why you should stop treating cats like balls of innocent, do-no-wrong goodness.

Cats don't understand 'no'

Let's be real here. Cats have an attitude problem. No other animals are as moody, temperamental or as difficult to please as cats. You might think you're investing all that time and energy into building a beautiful relationship with your pet. You aren't. Your cat has absolutely no interest in you as a person. You won't be able to train your cat, and they don't have any loyalty to you. This is because cats are naturally unresponsive to punishment; they only respond to praise and rewards. So no matter how many times you spray Mr Bojangles with water for clawing the sofa, he'll never learn.

Cats are arrogant

They definitely have a bad attitude, but even worse, they think they're better than you. They prance around like they own the place, peeing everywhere and expecting you to clean it up for them. They know you will wait on them hand and foot and provide them with a constant supply of food. If a human treated you like that, would you accept it? Of course not.

Cats are manipulative

You probably know that cats purr. An interesting fact that you might not know is that cats also have a “cry” which they use to manipulate humans. This cry is strikingly similar to the cry of a baby or a small child, and humans are programmed to respond to this and try to help. If anything, this proves that even cats know they are evil creatures, and they have to impersonate our children to try and manipulate us into doing their bidding.

Old Snowball isn't as cute now, is he?
Photo: Pinterest


Cats make you more stupid

Okay, it’s not cats themselves that make you more stupid. It’s the cat videos. The average person has probably spent 7,638 hours watching cat videos. And by spent, I mean wasted. What do you have to show for those hours? Maybe a shortcut to the cutest cat video on the internet, but nothing of real value. You could have read 300 life-changing books in that time, gone on 47 enlightening walks through nature, had countless deep and meaningful conversations with friends and family. It’s not the internet that is ruining our brains, it’s cat videos. Mindless, dull, repetitive and completely devoid of any value, these are the bane of my life and I can’t understand why anyone wants to waste their time watching them.

Cats won’t make eye contact with you

If they accidentally do lock eyes with you, they will blink and narrow their eyes in an evil-villian-caught-in-the-midst-of-a-dastardly-plan-type way. If that’s not sketchy, I don’t know what is.

Cats think you are completely incapable

That’s right, cats think you are stupid. They hunt and bring you dead animals (we’ll get to their sadistic, murderous instincts in a moment), because they think you are too stupid to catch a bird or a mouse on your own. So, not only do you want to share your bed with an oversized rodent, you praise it for bringing smaller, dead (or half-dead) rodents into your house. Nice.

Cats are the favoured pets of witches

Everyone knows witch + broomstick + black cat. And if Disney has taught us anything, it's that witches are inherently evil and don't just want to put a spell on you, they want to kill you (Sleeping Beauty wouldn't have been much of story if Maleficent had done her job properly). Enter cats. The perfect heartless sidekick; they don't care whether you live or die, as long as they're getting some tuna at the end of it.

Who me? I'm just an innocent bystander


Cats are murdering monsters

As mentioned above, they like to kill other animals. For fun. Considering cat lovers are so vocal about their love for all things cute and fluffy, it seems strange that people are happy to ignore the fact that cats are tyrants who pick on mice, birds and other creatures. Not only do they kill them (to arrogantly show you that they’re better than you), they usually play with their prey, torturing the poor animals before a slow and painful death. That doesn't sound like cute kitty behaviour to me. That sounds more like ISIS-style terrorism.


Cats are the pet of choice for evil villains

Cats and evil villains go together like milk and cookies. Some famous examples include Dr Evil from the Austin Powers movie series, with his ugly cat Mr Bigglesworth, Gargamel and Azrael from the Smurfs, and even in the Harry Potter series, caretaker Filch has his own snitching sidekick in the form of Mrs Norris.

Evil attracts evil.
Photo: Tumblr


Cats think they own you

At this point some of you may be declaring that cats love to cuddle you, and love to have their bellies rubbed, and that they brush up against you because they are just oh-so affectionate. Wrong. Cats, like a lot of animals, release scents, and these scents send signals to other cats and other animals. Essentially, when a cat is rubbing up against you or lying in your lap, it doesn't want affection, it is marking you as its property. Yup, you just got owned.

Cats make you clean up their crap

How many cat poops have you seen in the wild? Exactly. That's because in the wild, cats dig holes to bury their business. This is because they don't want to challenge the dominant cat on his own turf, so it's a way of admitting who's boss. Any cat that leaves its poop out is saying, "I'm the alpha here, I don't think anyone here can challenge me." So next time you're cleaning up Snowball's poop, just think about what he's really saying to you.

Cats idolise snakes

Between all that purring and meowing, people conveniently forget that cats also hiss. Just like the stick insect pretends to be a stick to disguise itself from predators, cats also use this technique, called mimicry, to try and put off predators. Most animals, big or small, are scared of snakes, which is why cats send their ears back, hiss and spit, in an attempt to mimic a venomous snake. NBD, just worth noting that cats aspire to be an animal THAT CAN KILL YOU.

This isn't even a sketch, it's a photo.
Photo: Tumblr


Cats think humans absolutely stink

Oh you thought cats were very clean and sanitary, considering it looks like they are always grooming themselves? Not quite. When they lick their paws, and their fur, and everywhere else for that matter, they aren't trying to give themselves a bath, they just want rid of the disgusting stench of human. Truth hurts.

Conclusion: stay away from cats

I'm not saying people shouldn't love their pets. I'm just saying cats aren't as wonderful as everyone makes them out to be. Cats themselves no doubt orchestrated this whole obsession in their quest for world domination, but it's time we put them back in their place.


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Xok Pu


You idiots. Cats are not evil. Cats are BORN that way. BORN!!!! Its like saying lions are bad because they kill for food. **** idiots. If anyone is evil its you.

Franco Annoni


I completely agree! Cats are non-social manipulative creatures By thier very nature. They are also completely egocentric. Think about it, in the wild they roam around on their own not socializing with other creatures, not even their own kind, their only goal is the quest for their own personal needs. This makes cats completely self-centered and selfish creatures by Nature. Manipulation to get what they want is a survival technique.
Contrary to popular belief cats are not domesticated animals. They are wild animals who are using you as a source of food and shelter. They are also obligate carnivores meaning they are designed to eat mice and voles. I myself have personally seen them torture and play with their prey for fun! That is just plain evil!
cats are definitely not social creatures. They are solitary creatures giving love it is not in their nature. If you want an animal that is social and loves you and returns your affection get a dog! Don't make the mistake I did and take in a stray and become emotionally attached to it. Believe you me that cat is not emotionally indebted to you. All it cares about is its personal needs and drives they are completely hormonal creatures.
I cannot in good conscience recommend them as a pet at all. And I do not understand why people want them as pets unless of course they are into self abuse then of course these are perfect pets for you.

Marci Kehl


Cats are most certainly not evil. Anyone who's ever had a cat knows that they love you very much. They miss you when you're gone, and they try to make you stay when you're leaving. To those people who say cats are evil or bad i am certain cats think the exact same of you.

Marci Kehl


Cats are most certainly not evil. Anyone who's ever had a cat knows that they love you very much. They miss you when you're gone, and they try to make you stay when you're leaving. To those people who say cats are evil or bad i am certain cats think the exact same of you.

Yesenia Guevara...



Yesenia Guevara...



wendy pascal


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Leonard Blažević


As of First. Cats hunt and bring you Dead Animals as a gift when they like you / as a trophy to make you go to the sport with them. Oh no, Humans NEVER HUNT! Yes and when cats scent on you did you think it was possible to... Maybe LET YOU IN THIER PROPERTY? Cat's hissing is in thier nature. Cats when they make you clean thier mess. Well maybe because YOU GUYS (Me included) NEVER TAUGHT THEM TO CLEAN! Cats are not arrogant if you don't move thier property such as a chair or kick them. Cats understand no, but you are not as smart to get a cat, when they ask for more food to go away in another room and then wait. Cats are not manipulative, they only ask for food like we, (Mostly) humans do... Old people are considered villains, and they own cats because a cat reduces the chance to have a heart attack. Cats don't make eye contact because not blinking is a sign of you possibly trying to fight them. If they slowly blink it's a sign of trust. Oh, and about the stink one? Well when I pet my cat in the head he/he/she never licks he's/he's/her head. Cats are only witches pets because they are portrayed as evil, altough they are cute cuddly Animals. You are just someone who thinke he knows best about everything...

Johnny Ball


@Xok Pu

Of course they are evil.
If Cats were meant to do this because they were BORN that way, then all dogs should all be killers of wildlife, as they originate from wolves...........
Cats most of the time, attack their prey and leave them to die an agonising death.
Lions kill to eat.......