Give me one minute: All I want is a peaceful home

Give me one minute: All I want is a peaceful home


Kenny wants his story to raise awareness of domestic violence.
Kenny wants his story to raise awareness of domestic violence.

All I want is a peaceful home, but that's a far-off dream. I grew up in a family with nothing but endless verbal fights between my parents. I barely spoke a word, yet my dad would hit and scold me whenever he was unhappy with me. I really wanted to find a way to escape their fights. But as a child, what could I do?

I tried to turn all my attention to studying, as a way of blocking out the fighting. At that time, my academic results were good enough to help me get into a good secondary school. But before long I found that I could no longer stand the endless quarrels.

Maybe it was youthful rebellion, but I couldn't deal with things any longer. I even thought of hurting my parents to stop the fighting, but then felt guilty for thinking such a terrible thing. In the end, I chose to run away from this so-called "home".

But your parents are always your parents. I decided to return home, and couldn't believe how angry my dad was when he saw me. Since then, I have become a "difficult student". I was forced to leave my original school and relocate to a juvenile care centre.

For two years, I have lived in the care centre. I have no freedom. Here, academic performance is never the focus: the standard of education is far lower than my original school. Instead, students' behaviour, emotional control and extra-curricular activities take up most of our time. I may not belong in this place, but at least it feels like I have found the peace I was longing for. 

I hope my one-minute life story raises public awareness of domestic violence and its impact on children. I hope all parents raise their children in a peaceful and loving environment. And most of all, I hope other kids don't experience the pain that I have gone through. 

November 20, 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF HK’s Believe In Zero, Make A Video aims to bring one-minute life stories of forgotten children to the public’s attention.

The programme is co-organized by UNICEF HK, the Hong Kong Baptist University’s Academy of Film, Hong Kong Arts Centre and Incubator for Film and Visual Media in Asia, with support from Young Post. You can check out the videos online at


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