The Silent Sound Crew

The Silent Sound Crew

Four people have left their jobs, homes, family and friends to spend four months on a small boat in cold, wet weather.

Tobias Neuberger is a doctor from Germany who gave up medicine to pursue a career in business. He's put his job on hold to come on this trip even though he's not a sailor.

'I'm intrigued with how these remote communities live. I also want to learn more about how you can face the challenges of nature such as the sea and the wind,' he says. 'I'm not a sailor, so that makes it an even bigger challenge for me.'

Anna Woch is a filmmaker from Montreal, Canada. She is also new to sailing, and the only woman on board. The trip satisfies a lifelong dream.

'I wanted to see the Arctic and the people that live there because I've heard so much about them. I want to hear how their lives are changing because of climate change and other factors,' she says.

'I want to visit this place before it changes too much and make a film about it. It's also a personal challenge, but that's a secondary motivation.'

Hanns Bergmann is the first mate of Silent Sound, meaning he is second in command to the skipper. Sailing is his passion and career.

'Most of my sailing experience has been just pure sailing, with people who have a lot of experience,' he says. 'I'm curious to see how it will work to go on an expedition where you have to sail a boat, adjust to life on a boat but still do some research.'

I'm the skipper and the expedition leader. I used to be a journalist in Hong Kong and I've done a lot of sailing.

But I've always wanted to find a way to combine my work with my love for the sea. Sailing through the Arctic to research a documentary and book seemed like the perfect way to do that.

I hope to tell a story about climate change that people will find interesting.

Young Post will be following Cameron and the crew of the Silent Sound on their epic voyage across the Arctic region. You can follow his voyage on OPEN PASSAGE and in his weekly log book in Young Post. If you have any questions, e-mail them to with 'postcards' in the subject field and we will forward them to Cameron.



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